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Law Firm Marketing – What is the single most important factor to increase the search engine rankings of your law firm’s website?

Posted by Tom Crandall on May 26, 2006

There are literally hundreds of factors that impact your ranking on Yahoo, Google, MSN, and others. It is important to point out also, that each search engine is different in attributing weight to any given factor. Some of the most important factors include:

> keyword rich content

> title optimization

> meta and alt tag optimization

> header tag optimization (H1, etc.)

> keywords in anchor text of internal links (example: law firm marketing)

But, without exception, the number one factor, even if you excluded all of the other factors, is inbound links pointing to your site from other sites. Let me qualify this because we’re not just talking about links from any old site–in fact reciprocal links with the wrong sites can penalize your site. Here is what you need:

1. Links from trusted directories:, Yahoo Directory, Best Of The Web

2. Links from Legal Directories.

3. Links from legally-themed, or geographically related websites*

Getting quality inbound links is the biggest obstacle for most. Avoid a “Get links quick scheme.” The key is to write compelling copy and advice so that your peers and consumer-targeted websites and media properties naturally link to your pages.

*While most experienced internet marketing practitioners agree that having some reciprocal links isn’t a bad thing, the consensus is, based on Google’s own comments, that reciprocal links help very little, if at all.

We will break down weighted factors for search engine visibility and inbound link “best practices” in coming posts.


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