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Law Firm Marketing – Do you know alllllllllll the benefits that legal directory listings provide for your firm’s website?

Posted by Tom Crandall on May 28, 2006

Legal directory listings should be an imperative for your law firm marketing strategy–but not just for the obvious reason. The majority of attorneys and legal marketing professionals striving for online success are under the impression that the reason for procuring a listing on a legal directory is targeted traffic.

Legal marketers educated in search engine optimization know the primary reason to get a link from a legal directory is to boost your website’s link popularity with a one-way link from a trusted, legally-themed website. This practice increases the ranking of your firm’s website in the search engines. First page visibility in Yahoo or Google for a law firm’s website, along with a professional looking web presence and compelling marketing copy, equals rain-maker for many.

Not All Links Are Created Equal

In order for a directory link to increase your link popularity and transfer the strength to your firm’s website rankings it has to satisfy three conditions.

1. It has to be a static link, not a dynamically generated link. A dynamically generated link does nothing for your link popularity and ultimately, search engine rankings. An example of a dynamic link would be a listing in a “sponsored links” section of a website, or the link you’re provided with in paid advertisements on Google and Yahoo.

2. The link to your firm’s website must be indexed by the search engines. Kevin O’Keefe wrote an informative piece on Martindale-Hubbell’s resistance to indexing their clients’ directory listings. As Kevin writes, Martindale-Hubbell is doing a disservice to their lawyer clients and shielding their clients from search engine exposure. Most importantly, the directory listing does nothing for their clients’ link popularity and does not help to increase their clients’ search engine rankings.

3. The page that links to your firm’s website must have PageRank. This is a Google measurment that displays the strength of a web page and is indicated on the Google toolbar. It attributes every web page on the internet a PageRank between 0-10. A link on a web page between PR1 and PR10 (the highest) will increase your own firm’s rankings in the search engines. This is where FindLaw drops the ball for the majority of their directory listings. While their premium and spotlight listings link directly to the attorney client’s website, the masses of standard listings link to “Law Firm Profile” pages, which have a PageRank of zero and do little or nothing to increase your website’s search engine rankings.

There are many directories on the web that will give you exposure and targeted traffic, but most importantly, increase your firm’s link popularity to boost your own website’s rankings in the search engines.

Some excellent legal directories are free! Get a free listing on Washburn University’s legal directory, or on the Open Directory Project website (DMOZ).


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