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Search Engine Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

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The internet has changed the way many attorneys and law firms market their services. While the best "business development" tool will commonly be referrals–client or otherwise, the shift in societal behavior has presented the legal community with a grand opportunity to connect with individuals and businesses looking for their services, at a fraction of the cost of many traditional marketing techniques.

There are a few basics advantages that internet marketing provides that are irrefutable:

> Electronic brochures. documents, and white papers save firms money on paper, printing, and postage.

> Updating your documents and collateral can be done in minutes and you save on creating and sending out revisions.

> You no longer require as much staff to handle mailing and distribution of your documents and collateral–more savings.

> You can provide unlimited information to your customers for little or no additional cost.

> Adding more pages to a website requires virtually no expense compared to the additional cost and space required to deliver the same thing in a print format.

> Now you can reach more potential clients than ever before at a fraction of the price. There's no postage or courier charges to pay. Your distribution costs are the same whether you reach one or one million.

> For no additional cost you can have several electronic versions of the same documents customized to meet the needs of different clients.

The difference between traditional and internet marketing is simple. Internet marketing improves your bottom line.


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